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Specialist Classic Car Auctions

Chicane Auctions stand as a top-tier Collector Car Auction House located in Melbourne, Australia. Our expertise lies in Premium Auctions of high quality classic, European, muscle, performance & collector cars. We provide Full Service Showroom Auctions, establishing ourselves as a trusted destination for automotive collectors and enthusiasts across Australia and Internationally.

Our difference is we are true Specialists in classic cars with a real understanding of models, condition and mechanicals through professional experience the in Automotive industry over decades. We take pride in being a destination for classic car enthusiasts and collectors alike - with our team offering classic car auctions using a hand chosen selection of unique automobiles, spanning decades of automotive history. We believe provenance and condition description is paramount in providing buyers with the confidence to bid with certainty.

Whether you're in pursuit of a rare European sports car from the golden age of motoring or a meticulously restored numbers matching Australian or American Muscle Car, our auctions always showcase a diverse array of iconic vehicles that capture the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide. From the elegant curves of an early Jaguar E-Type to the the raw power of a snarling exotic supercar, our auctions feature timeless classics that appeal to discerning collectors and aficionados alike. 

Participating in our classic car auctions is a seamless experience, thanks to our user-friendly platform and dedicated support team. Whether you're that seasoned collector or first-time buyer, our auctions offer the opportunity at any level to acquire your desired car with ease.

Join us with our classic car auctions and immerse yourself in the excitement of discovering, bidding on, and owning a piece of automotive heritage. Visit our Showroom to closely inspect each classic car with the Chicane Team there to assist any queries. Experience the thrill of the auction from the comfort of your own home, as you compete with fellow enthusiasts to secure the classic car of your dreams without intimidation.