The Holden HT Monaro GTS 350: A Legend of Australian Muscle

In the annals of Australian automotive history, few names conjure up the raw emotion and excitement as the Holden HT Monaro GTS 350. Launched in 1969, this vehicle was not just a car; it was a bold statement of performance, style, and national pride. As part of the second generation of Monaros, the GTS 350 represented the pinnacle of Australian muscle car engineering of its time, offering a thrilling blend of power, design, and driving dynamics.

A Leap Forward in Performance

At the heart of the HT Monaro GTS 350 lay its formidable engine, a 5.7-liter (350 cubic inch) Chevrolet V8 that roared to life with a turn of the key. Delivering a potent combination of power and torque, this engine was a game-changer, catapulting the Monaro into the annals of automotive legend. With 300 horsepower at its disposal, the GTS 350 was capable of 0-60 mph sprints in under 7 seconds, an impressive feat for its time and a clear signal that Holden was serious about dominating the performance car segment.

Distinctive Styling

The HT Monaro GTS 350 was as much a feast for the eyes as it was a thrill to drive. Its sleek, coupe body was accentuated with bold stripes, exclusive badging, and a range of eye-catching colors that set it apart from anything else on the road. The sporty stance was complemented by rally wheels and a distinctive front grille that made the GTS 350 instantly recognizable. Inside, the Monaro offered a cockpit designed with the driver in mind, featuring bucket seats, a sports steering wheel, and a full complement of gauges to monitor the beast under the hood.

Racing Pedigree

The Holden HT Monaro GTS 350 didn't just look the part of a performance car; it proved its mettle on the race track. Almost immediately upon its release, the GTS 350 made its mark in Australian motorsport, clinching victory at the Hardie-Ferodo 500 at Bathurst in 1969. This win was a testament to the Monaro's balance of power, handling, and durability, cementing its status as a racing icon and forging a legacy that would be revered by motorsport enthusiasts for generations.

Legacy and Collectability

Today, the HT Monaro GTS 350 is celebrated as one of the crowning achievements of Australian automotive engineering. Its blend of performance, style, and racing success has ensured its place in the hearts of car enthusiasts and collectors alike. Finding a well-preserved GTS 350 has become a quest for many, with pristine examples commanding premium prices in the classic car market. Its influence can also be seen in the design and spirit of later performance cars, with many drawing inspiration from the Monaro's iconic status.


The Holden HT Monaro GTS 350 stands as a monumental achievement in Australian automotive history. More than just a muscle car, it represented a moment when Australian engineering, design, and motorsport prowess coalesced into something truly special. Its legacy continues to inspire admiration and respect, reminding us of a time when power, performance, and style drove the automotive world forward. For many, the HT Monaro GTS 350 remains not just a car, but a symbol of a golden era in Australian motoring.