Specialist Classic Car Auctions

Chicane Auctions - Specialist Classic Car Auctions

We consider our Premium Classic Car Auctions the best in Australia for a diverse range of Makes and Models. Our auction services extend nationwide, allowing us to reach a broad audience of collectors and enthusiasts. Notably, certain vehicles are strategically advertised by us and sold overseas when a more favourable market is identified for a particular car model.

We offer full-service collector car auctions from our showroom and go beyond the conventional by providing an exclusive opportunity for clients to inspect the lots well in advance of the auction. We house and showcase all vehicles weeks before the bidding event, creating a professional setting where clients can personally inspect the lots. Our dedicated specialist staff is on hand to offer personalized assistance, ensuring a thorough and satisfying inspection experience for our clients. This commitment to transparency and professionalism sets Chicane Auctions apart in the realm of classic car auctions.

All Classic Car Auction Lots are bought and sold through a competitive bidding process. Our auctions cater to enthusiasts, collectors, and investors who have a passion for classic cars and seek to acquire unique and historically significant vehicles. Here's a description of what you might find at our classic car auction house:

Diverse Inventory: Our auctions feature a diverse range of vehicles, including vintage cars, muscle cars, sports cars, luxury vehicles, and rare or limited-edition models. The inventory may span various eras, from early 20th-century classics to more recent models that have gained iconic status. All items for Auction are available for inspection from our Melbourne Showroom.

Expert Evaluation: Before the auction, each car undergoes a thorough evaluation by Specialist Team to assess its condition, authenticity, and overall value. This evaluation often includes a detailed inspection of the engine, chassis, interior, and exterior, as well as a review of the vehicle's provenance and history. Please enquire for a Price Guide Valuation for your Classic.

Catalogues and Documentation: We produce a detailed Online catalogue for each event, showcasing the vehicles up for bid. These catalogues contain comprehensive information about each car, including specifications, history, and high-quality photographs. Additionally, important documentation such as service records, ownership history, and restoration details are made available to potential buyers.

Bidding Process: The auction itself is a timed live event where registered bidders compete to secure their desired vehicles. Bids are placed incrementally, and the auctioneer oversees the process, encouraging competitive bidding to determine the final selling price. Bidders may participate through our online website or Contact our office for Phone bidding if registered.

Entertainment and Atmosphere: Classic car auctions often cultivate an exciting atmosphere. The experience of witnessing iconic vehicles being sold while surrounded by like-minded enthusiasts. Some of our future auctions will include additional events, such as themed parties, seminars, or exhibitions, enhancing the overall experience for participants. Chicane Auction does have Live Auctions planned for 2024 form our Melbourne Classic Car Auction Showroom, with upcoming dates to be released.

Reserve Prices: Some cars may have reserve prices set by sellers, ensuring that the vehicle will only be sold if the bidding reaches a specified minimum amount. This adds an element of strategy to the auction, as bidders must gauge the market demand and adjust their bids accordingly.

Auction Houses: We are a relatively new Business that is run in the same manner as Shannons Classic Car Auctions was. We are quickly establishing a reputation for handling high-value, rare, and exceptional automobiles.

Seller-Friendly Approach: Chicane Auctions has been recognized for its seller-friendly approach, making it relatively easy for individuals to consign their vehicles for auction. This inclusivity contributes to the diverse selection of vehicles available through Chicane.

Post-Auction Services: After the auction, successful bidders finalize their purchases and arrange for transportation of their new acquisitions. Chicane Auctions provide assistance with logistics and documentation to ensure a smooth transition of ownership.


Attending a classic car auction is not just a commercial transaction; it's an experience that allows enthusiasts to immerse themselves in automotive history and culture. The team at Chicane, look forward to helping you with your Classic Car Buying or Selling. Please call or visit our Classic Car Showroom in Melbourne, Victoria.