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Register to Bid

How do I register to Bid?
Sign up for a Chicane Auctions Account using the 'REGISTER' button. Simply provide the necessary information as requested. - - - Next, visit your 'Account Dashboard' & click "Payment Methods' & Add your Bank Card details to your account. YOU ARE NOW REGISTERED TO BID. - - - This process ensures you are committed to covering the 6.5% Buyer's Fee as a deposit, if you're successful in being the winning bidder of an Auction. - - - This method is also the easiest way to verify you as a genuine buyer & protect our Vendors from time waster bids. - - - All details are kept secure by 'Stripe Financial Services'. - - - If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the Chicane Team. We're here to help.
What is the "Reserve Price"?
A Reserve Price is a dollar amount the Vendor has agreed to sell for, once it reaches the pre-set reserve, then a YELLOW BANNER will show on the Auction Page as "RESERVE MET" and the car is on the market to be Sold to the highest Bidder.
How do I ask further questions?
Please contact the Chicane Head Office with any questions or send through Questions via the Questions area within the auction page.
How accurate is the Description?
The Description is written by Chicane Auctions together with the seller who ultimately "approves" the Description as correct. It is carefully written after discussions, inspection and documents from the seller and other public sources. Whilst we try to cross-examine as much as possible, with the intention of being completely transparent with the description, PLEASE INSPECT THE VEHICLE ensuring you are happy with the vehicle’s description & condition.
Can I inspect a vehicle in-person myself?
Yes. We highly advise inspecting the vehicle. All bids are final, so if you wish to inspect a vehicle, do it prior to bidding. You are obligated to purchase the vehicle if you are the winning bidder. Due diligence is the responsibility of the buyer. Vehicles are offered as is, where is.
How do I see my Bids & saved items?
Click on the DASHBOARD icon next to Register button. You then need to click on the AUCTION tab. This shows all your bids & history.
How to enter bids on Chicane Auctions?
Once registered, to enter a bid, type in price without a 'Comma' - Example: type in $10000 without the comma mark for a $10,000 bid. Bidding Steps are in minimum $250 increments. Bid in $250 steps at a time or bid a higher amount at anytime. Whatever you bid above $250 will show as your bid. If you are outbid, you will receive an email saying so & you can place a higher bid anytime.
Is there a Buyer's Premium Fee, and how much is it?
Our Buyer's Fee is 6.5% including GST in $AUD of the winning bid amount. Example: $50,000 Winning Bid + Buyers Premium 6.5% ($3,250) = $53,250 AUD Total Amount. The Auction winner is charged the Buyers Premium by stored Credit Card Details & it is separate to the Auction bid amount payable after the Auction.
Is there a 'buy it now' price for vehicles being auctioned?
There is not a 'buy it now' price. All vehicles on Chicane are for sale exclusively through the live auction.
Can I get a loan or finance on a vehicle that I want to bid on?
No. To be fair to sellers, bidders should secure any financing prior to bidding, as all bids are final. Getting a loan on a vehicle takes time, and loans aren't available for all years/makes/models. Failure to secure a loan after bidding is not a valid reason to back out of a purchase.
Does Chicane Auctions allow international bidders?
International bidders are welcome. The vehicles being auctioned are for sale where-is. Any shipping, logistics, or transportation costs are solely the buyer's responsibility. We recommend contacting the seller prior to bidding to ensure that they are comfortable with your transportation plans. Please note: Certain Vehicles may come Under the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act (1986) purchasers may need to obtain an export permit to ship objects outside Australia.
How do I update Account information if needed?
Go to your DASHBOARD and change required details. If further assistance required please call our office.
Why is a hold placed on my card when I bid?
Holds are placed in order to ensure that you have the funds required to pay the Buyer's Fee. If you win an auction, your credit or debit card is immediately charged the Buyer's Fee.
When is my card hold released?
Once you are not the highest bidder, Chicane Auctions immediately releases your card hold. Please note that your bank may take a few days to clear the hold from your account, depending on their particular speed.
I tried to bid, but my card hold was declined. Now what?
If a hold for the Buyer's Fee was declined, please review the error message. If the information is correct and you're still unable to bid, contact your bank for further assistance. Once the issue has been resolved, please attempt to bid again.
Can I cancel my bid?
Bids are a firm commitment to purchase a vehicle at the bid amount. You are obligated to purchase the vehicle if you're the winning bidder. Please perform all due diligence and inspections prior to bidding, so as to be fair to the seller and other bidders.
What happens when I am the winning bidder?
Congratulations! As the Winning Bidder, a Buyers Premium Fee (shown on each Auction Lot page) is automatically deducted from the Winning bidder’s stored credit card details. You are then sent a Buyers Package with all required details to organize Payment & collection of your Purchase. The Chicane Team are there to guide you through the process at all times & feel free to Contact us with questions.
How long do I have to pay for the vehicle?
Buyers are expected to pay for the vehicle in-full within 3 days of the auction ending.
How do I pay for a vehicle?
Payment type we recommend is a Bank transfer or bank Cheque. Vehicles will not be moved without CLEAR FUNDS showing in the correct Bank Account. We supply buyer information packs to help the Vehicle hand - over process & are here to offer help through the whole process.
What if the Vehicle is different to what was advertised?
In placing a winning bid, you are entering a contract to buy the vehicle. Chicane Auctions offer the opportunity to all bidders to ask any questions and we STRONGLY RECOMMEND to INSPECT THE VEHICLE or have an independent inspection conducted prior to bidding. Used vehicles are rarely in perfect condition & usually have hidden defects from even the seller, so please ensure before bidding that you are happy with your understanding of the vehicle’s condition. If after all this, you find the vehicle has significant issues that were not mentioned and has been misrepresented, such as major panel damage, then we will look into it on a case-by-case basis provided that any such significant issues have been raised with us immediately. Our aim is to offer a secure & trustworthy service for both Buyers & Sellers.
Who is responsible for Transport costs?
Any shipping, logistics, state registration or transportation costs are solely the buyer's responsibility. We are happy to 'assist' you with arranging Transport of any purchase to any state in Australia. We have trusted list of Transport companies to use. We have assisted 100's of Classic cars being safely sent across Australia. Vehicles can stay at The Chicane Showroom until pick-up upon agreement.
Can Chicane Auctions help with Vehicle registration?
As with all Auctions, all Auction cars are sold Un-Registered unless otherwise stated. It is ultimately the Sellers choice to leave the car registered or not. Chicane Auctions can only offer advice on registration types available.
What happens if a vehicle doesn't meet its reserve price?
If a vehicle does not sell, we will contact the highest-bidder and seller shortly after the auction ends to see if a deal can be made.
Can I back out of a purchase if I win the auction?
If you win an auction, you're obligated to purchase the vehicle. Buyers Auction Fees are non-refundable except under exceptional circumstances.
Does Chicane Auctions provide help with the Hand-over?
The Chicane Team are here to assist a smooth transaction. We send both the Buyer & Seller information Packs with information & Forms that can be used to help the process. We can also be contacted anytime if any questions arise.
What are Chicane Auctions Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy?
Please click on the Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy Link at the bottom of this page or Contact our Office so we can send you a copy.

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