How much does it cost to Sell a vehicle with Chicane Auctions?
We offer the lowest Cost to sell your vehicle from a full Showroom Auction Service. Please contact us to discuss. We work with the Seller throughout the entire Pre- Auction process, ensuring we have all the information required for your car reach its full potential. Before the auction goes live, you'll have the chance to review and make any desired edits to the listing. Rest assured, we'll be there with full support from beginning to end.
How does Chicane choose which vehicles to accept for auction?
Chicane is focused on Performance, Rare, Classic and Unique vehicles of Quality. Acceptance depends on factors such as condition, mileage, quality of photos/information submitted, vehicle history, market trends, requested reserve pricing, and more. Please email or call us to see if it's a good fit--it's obligation free, quick, and easy to find out.
Can I sell a car located outside of the Australia?
At this time, Chicane only offers vehicles located in Australia.
Does Chicane offer vehicles located anywhere else?
Not at this time.
Can I sell a vehicle with Finance Owing?
Yes. We will verify your ownership and a Government PPSR check of loan details during the submission and acceptance process. It must be Declared to ALL Bidders of any encumbrance.
Can I sell a vehicle on behalf of the owner, such as a relative or friend?
Yes. Proof of ownership, Stat. Dec. and other specifics will be required during the submission and acceptance process.
Can dealers sell vehicles on Chicane?
Yes, we accept listings from verified & licensed dealerships across Australia.
How do I submit my vehicle?
Simply Contact us or from the homepage, click the ‘Sell' tab at the top, then click the ‘Submit your car' button. From there, please complete the brief submission form or Contact our office by phone. Our team will review your vehicle and may reach out with additional questions to ensure your vehicle is a good fit.
Do I detail / clean my car before Auction?
Yes. Presentation of your Vehicle is VERY IMPORTANT. If you do not have the time, Chicane can organize for your Vehicle to be Professionally Detailed before Auction at cost price.
How do I request a reserve price?
Reserve prices are discussed by the seller & Chicane and agreed upon prior to building the auction listing. We work with each seller to determine an appropriate reserve based on the current market, vehicle condition, and other factors.
Do you recommend selling without a reserve?
Auctions without a reserve typically receive more attention from bidders, so we highly recommend considering it.
Can I choose a specific date for my auction to go live?
When submitting your vehicle, you can let us know if you have scheduling preferences. We will ensure that your auction is live during a time that's convenient for you.
Who writes my auction listing?
Chicane works together with you to produce a premium, comprehensive and transparent listing description for your vehicle. The Seller has FINAL approval of description before Auction.
Can I write my own auction listing?
The Chicane Team will work closely with the Seller to construct a premium auction listing designed to attract the Highest & Fairest price for the seller. The seller will have final approval of the auction listing before going Live.
Can I edit the listing once auction is Live?
Sellers can not edit the listing once auction is live. Our goal is to ensure that each vehicle is represented fairly and transparently with all information presented by Auction start. Buyers do not like to see differing information. In certain circumstances "adding information" can be acceptable.
What about bidder questions during my auction?
The Chicane Team are there to Answer all Bidder questions for you. On the off chance we require further detail, we may contact you.
Is my reserve price kept private from bidders?
Yes, We never reveal your reserve price, unless it it met. If the reserve is met a 'Banner' will show on the Lot Page saying "Reserve Met'. We highly recommend keeping your reserve price private, should anyone ask about it during the auction.
How do I lower my reserve price?
Sellers can lower their reserve while the auction is live contacting the Chicane Team & sending a quick confirmation of ‘New Reserve’ price. You may even decide to take off the Reserve altogether to increase excitement in vehicle.
Can I offer my vehicle for sale in other places while my auction is live?
No. Vehicles are for sale exclusively through Chicane. Therefore, we ask that sellers remove any existing listings at least 1 week prior to the auction beginning. Once your auction is live, we then encourage you to share the auction link everywhere you can for more exposure!
Can I bid on my own auction?
Honesty and transparency are central to Chicane Auctions. We do not allow sellers to bid on their own vehicle. Additionally, having someone you know bid on your vehicle to increase the price (aka “shill bidding”) is not tolerated.
Can I show my vehicle to interested bidders while my auction is live?
We encourage you to show your vehicle to interested people during the auction if you choose, however it is completely your choice. Note that potential buyers must utilize the Chicane Auction to place a bid- - side deals are not permitted, as explained in the below question.
Can I sell my car while my auction is live?
We do not permit deals outside of the live auction. All vehicles listed are for sale exclusively through Chicane Auctions until 1 week after Auction finish. If you do withdraw your car, you will be obliged to pay the fees to Chicane Auctions in accordance with Terms and Conditions.
Can I cancel my live auction?
No. Auctions can not be cancelled once they are live, in order to be fair to bidders. If an issue arises prior to your auction starting, please contact the Chicane Team immediately.
What happens after my vehicle sells?
Immediately after the auction ends, Chicane collects the Buyer's Fee from the verified winning bidder, and sends the Buyer a Buyers Pack with all required information to complete the payment & sale. The Chicane Team is there to assist.
How do I receive payment for my vehicle?
Chicane Auctions sends the Winning Buyer the Banking details required for Payment. The Car or 'Lot' is not handed over until ALL Money is cleared in the required Bank account.
What if a buyer needs to ship my vehicle?
Chicane Auctions work with buyers to assist hand - over delivery & transport.
Who is responsible for shipping costs?
All vehicles on Chicane are offered where-is. Any shipping, logistics, or transportation costs are solely the buyer's responsibility.
What happens if my vehicle doesn't meet its reserve price?
If your vehicle does not sell, we will contact you and the highest-bidder shortly after the auction ends to see if a price can be agreed upon.
Can I re-list my vehicle if it doesn't sell?
Generally speaking, we do not to re-list vehicles, as they perform best the first time around.
What if the winner of my auction doesn't follow through with buying the vehicle?
In the a situation where this occurs, we will work with you directly to find the best possible solution. We're here to support our sellers in every way possible.
Will Chicane Auctions assist with required Paperwork?
Yes. Chicane Auctions will assist with required paperwork to complete the sale. The Seller will be sent a Sellers Pack with Forms to help with an efficient completion of sale.
What are the commenting community guidelines?
Chicane Auctions is a hub for enthusiasts to buy, and sell vehicles in an open manner. Therefore, we ask that everyone use common sense when conversing, and keep all dialogue constructive and on-topic. A partial list of things that aren't tolerated are shown below:
  • Harassment of any kind
  • Aggressive comments toward another user
  • Personal arguments or insults
  • Foul language
  • Asking a seller to reveal their reserve price