The Advantage of a Specialist Classic Car Auction House.

A 'Specialist' classic car auction house is a business that focuses exclusively on the auctioning of vintage and classic automobiles from a Showroom. Here are some characteristics that typically define a true specialist classic car auction house from others:

Expertise in Classic Cars: Our team are experts with in-depth knowledge of classic cars. We can assess the historical significance, provenance, and condition of each vehicle, providing valuable information to both buyers and sellers.

Showroom Classic Car Auctions: Unlike 'online only' Collector Car Auctions without even an address, a real Classic Car Auction house has a showroom where you can inspect the vehicles independently and know the Auction house has done all checks on the cars and is a Licensed Auction Company. This specialization allows us to focus on the unique needs and interests of classic car enthusiasts, while handling all payments and paperwork professionally between Buyer & Seller.

Exclusive Catalogs: Prior to each auction, we produce detailed online catalogs featuring the classic cars that will be available for bidding. These catalogs provide comprehensive information about each vehicle, including specifications, history, and high-quality photographs.

Themed Auctions: Our classic car auction house can organize themed auctions that focus on specific eras, Owner Collections, particular makes, or models of classic cars. This approach allows us to curate auctions that appeal to collectors with particular interests.

Preservation of Originality: Chicane Auctions often prioritize the preservation of originality and authenticity. They may emphasize the importance of unmodified, well-preserved classic cars and highlight vehicles with significant historical or cultural relevance. We certainly do not discourage owners of modified vehicles to contact us, as we enjoy & understand all cars.

Global Reach: As a Specialist classic car auction house, we may conduct auctions in different locations, attracting participants from around the world. This global reach allows for a diverse selection of classic cars and a broad audience of potential buyers.

Concierge Services: To enhance the auction experience, Chicane Auctions offer concierge services to assist buyers and sellers with logistics, transportation, and documentation. This level of service caters to the specialist needs of classic car enthusiasts.

High-Quality Presentation: Our auctions are well-organized events with a focus on presentation. Classic cars are showcased in a way that highlights their unique features, and we are skilled in creating an engaging atmosphere during the bidding process.

Exclusive Events: Chicane Auctions are planning to host exclusive events, such as private viewings, dinners, or gatherings, to provide a unique and memorable experience for participants. These events serve as opportunities for networking and building connections within the classic car community.

Online Presence: In addition to live auctions, our specialist classic car auction house has a very strong online presence. This facilitates online bidding for remote participants across Australia, allowing a wider audience to engage in the auction process.